UNAN creates the intense sensation of becoming unanimous with your garments.
The products are pure and offer natural benefits to the wearer, almost becoming a nurturing second skin.

The brandname is unan, which stand for unanimity.

• The state or quality of being unanimous
• Becoming one, a harmonious relation

The relation our brand stimulates between each garment and the wearer is unique.
Our especially 
developed “semi-trans fabrics” are enriched with pure nutrient microcapsules,
which are provided to the skin. 
We intend to make our designs of natural materials and fabrics.
Even incorporating components such 
as fish skin and coconut fibres, obtained from food waste,
whenever possible. Our designs configure 
and exaggerate the natural to stand symbolic for the 
nutritional qualities they contain. Notably, the layer worn closest to the skin is enriched with
vitamin or minerals. By endorsing the skin’s absorption process we allow natural benefits
to immerse the 
wearer in their purest form. 

Collection by collection we offer a diverse assortment of natural benefits.
Find our current selection of 
nurturing components in the looks of this collection.


We created the brand in two weeks with a group of 20 people. The brand was presented at the event 'Triptych' and consisted of a fashion show, 3D installation and accompanying products;  a give away, brandbook, lookbook and future scenario.

BRAND IDENTITY (Concept, name, logo, and codeveloping graphic design appearance): Evelien Nuijten

RETOUCHING (Photos for the lookbook and the installation at the show): Evelien Nuijten